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An Experiment in Education: Using Drupal as a Focus for a Non-Traditional (Secondary and Vocational) Education

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Submitted by Dr. Mark A. Friedman on Wed, 08/20/2014 - 21:15

Dr. Mark A. Friedman and Morgan Giosa have worked for four years as teacher and student and mentor and mentee as Mark has helped Morgan develop his Drupal expertise and build a portfolio of live Drupal websites.

Morgan and Mark had been brought together through a mutual friend who had a hunch that Morgan would find an interest in computing and Mark would find an interest in a mentor/mentee relationship --- and that a relationship would form and work to offer Morgan a non-traditional path to complete his high school education and pursue a career with valuable skills and credentials.

This past August, the Windsor Public School System recognized the education that Morgan had achieved through his work with Mark, and awarded Morgan his high school diploma in recognition of his hard work and accomplishments.

In this session, Mark will present his experience and thoughts for using computing --- individualized training and apprenticeships --- as a vehicle for educating students who might benefit from a non-traditional path while pursuing a secondary school and/or vocational education.

Mark will present and discuss challenges faced and successes achieved during his journey as Morgan's instructor/mentor, and his plans for similar work in the future.

This session will be of interest to educators, employers, parents and those who enjoy hearing of those who dare to take a chance and push to persist in pursuit of their vision.

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10:40 - 11:30 AM
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