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Making your Contribution

For DrupalCampCT 2014, we will be using the Drupal Association as our fiscal sponsor to help us manage our finances as we and other DrupalCamps have done in the past.

Fiscal sponsorship allows DrupalCampCT to operate under the same umbrella as DrupalCon with many of the same benefits including:

  • assistance in the management of revenue and expenses needed to run our event,
  • 501(c)(3) status,
  • and general liability insurance.

The Drupal Association does not dictate how a DrupalCamp can or should be run nor does it provide any of its content. All camp activities are solely in the hands of the camp organizers.

Additional information about the Drupal Association is available at

We are asking sponsors to make their contributions to the Drupal Association, and the Drupal Association will assist us in paying our vendors. Should we have remaining funds at the end of DrupalCampCT 2014, those funds will remain in our Drupal Association account for our use towards the creation of a future DrupalCampCT.

Payments can be made to the Drupal Association through check, ACH transfers, Paypal (including credit card payments) or by wire transfer.

Please contact Dr. Mark A. Friedman by email at or by calling 860-263-9263 for more information.

If your organization needs a W-9 from the Drupal Association for tax purposes, please contact Dr. Mark A. Friedman through email ( or by phone (860-263-9263) to obtain a completed W-9.

A Few Of Our Sponsors