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Seeing Results: How Princeton's Woodrow Wilson School is Getting the Most out of their Drupal Investment

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Submitted by Ray Saltini on Mon, 08/18/2014 - 16:19

After years on an aging proprietary CMS, the Woodrow Wilson School at Princeton University decided to transition to open-source Drupal. School leadership needed to rebuild both their forward facing website and intranet while limiting overhead for its small, already overburdened IT department.

How did the Woodrow Wilson School get content creators, managers and the school community at-large to embrace Drupal wholeheartedly? Follow their story to learn how they developed a Lifecycle Adoption program to get the best possible results from their technology investment.

Some of the topics this session will cover:

  • Drupal for non native speakers - how to ensure your development team isn't speaking the wrong language.
  • What is a Life Cycle Adoption Plan and Why Should I Care - how to identify interventions before, during and after launch to improve usability and support adoption
  • A Customer Centric Approach - focusing on users not just functionality
  • Are you sure that it's plugged in? - resources to help your IT team solve real IT problems

Join Ray Saltini, Drupal Evangelist and Director of the Blink Institute as he walks you through the Woodrow Wilson case study and leads a practical discussion about managing adoption planning and technology lifecycles.

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