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Session Ideas

Listed below are topics which DrupalCampCT attendees have requested be presented or discussed in a session led by some other attendee who is knowledgeable or experienced in that topic.

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    In this session, you’ll learn why “webmaster” librarian Sharon Clapp (CCSU's Elihu Burritt Library) took an epic Drupal journey, what challenges she faced along the way, and why she’s more grateful than ever for the technology and the community that makes Drupal possible. You’ll learn when, why, and how to take advantage of Drupal as a platform for your organization’s web presence. She’ll offer you the tips that you need to avoid the pitfalls that can be part of a Drupal n00bs’ experience.

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    This is an introduction to VoIP Drupal and how you can use it on your site to allow visitors to call and receive information, or your Website can call or text members (Call Blast). You can create an instant conference line, or setup a PBX style system where the caller can make choices on what extension they reach. Each entity can have a unique phone extension.

    VoIP Drupal is a suite of modules that consists of core modules that interact with other modules such as the one on the demo site that has the dial keypad.

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    Birds of a Feather

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    Birds of a Feather - Room 102


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